Farmers, food activists, academics & policymakers gear up to gather in Cape Town to promote agroecology for the 21st century

Media Release
22 January 2019

Towards a politics for soil restitution
By Lesley Green

Lesley Green is Professor of Anthropology and Deputy Director of Environmental Humanities South at the University of Cape Town. This article was presented at the Conference Agroecology for the 21st Century
 held in Cape Town, on January 30 2019, and forms part of her forthcoming book Rock / Water / Life: Ecology and Humanities for a Decolonising South Africa (Duke University Press)

Published in Daily Maverick, 5 January 2019

Art that explains agroecology

By Ambre Nicolson

University of Cape Town News
19 February 2019


Agroecology for the 21st Century Conference, 28 – 30 January 2019, Cape Town, South Africa
The Agroecology for the 21st Century Conference aims to create a space to interact with people, scholarship, practice and the arts towards building a socially just, environmentally sound, nutritious and healthy food system. The three-day conference will bring together a wide range of contributors across disciplines and sectors to discuss the present state and future possibilities of agroecology in South Africa and beyond. The focus is on South Africa and neighbouring countries in the region, but contributions are welcomed from other parts of Africa and across the globe. The conference setting is deeply symbolic, convening in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa – the “Mother City” that was established in 1652 when the Dutch East India Company created a half-way station to provide fresh water and food for ships on trade routes to Asia. This garden marked the beginning of movement of Europeans into Southern Africa, introducing the multifaceted violence of colonisation. Five hundred years later, we are still grappling with the complex nexus of food production, nutrition, culture, knowledge, power and politics

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