Agroecology for the 21st Century Conference, Centre for the Book, Cape Town, South Africa

As a science, a practice and a vibrant and growing movement, agroecology presents a way of regenerating relationships between people, food and ecosystems, for addressing the damages of our colonial and industrial agricultural past, and for restoring and reclaiming arable land as a productive rather than as an extractive activity. It also presents an opportunity for revaluing farmer led seed systems and indigenous knowledge systems, for inspiring our youth, creating economic opportunities and sustainable livelihoods for many, and feeding Southern African nations. Agroecology is increasingly recognised as a viable and innovative approach that can be scaled up with adequate policy support.

The University of Cape Town, The Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI), Biowatch South Africa and Cornell University are excited to invite you to join us from 28-30 January 2019 for three days of engagement with a wide variety of actors engaging with the transition to agroecology.

*Please note: this conference will be conducted in English

Why agroecology matters. Watch and share our 7 minute teaser produced by University of Cape Town film students