Don’t miss your chance…

Please join us. Early bird registration R900 per person until 31 November. Thereafter R1 200 pp.

The conference will:

  • bring together disciplines that have traditionally been disparate, in a quest for transformative and integrated approaches to agriculture and agroecology
  • create a space to share case studies and on-the ground practices in agroecology, including agricultural methodologies, development practices and emerging visions of modernity
  • explore emerging innovative policies and institutions for agroecology, as well as constraints faced in achieving a more sustainable agricultural future
  • provide a platform for sharing scientific evidence on agroecology
  • create the opportunity to create new and diverse relationships, to strengthen existing and establish new networks and shared ventures, and to enable the development of strategies in support of agroecology
  • foster interdisciplinary engagement between actors and infuse the space with participatory opportunities, creative thinking and artistic expression to help unearth common values underpinning a transformation to agroecology